Solar bike hikes in Alsace, from July 8 to 13 2024



  • The base camp is at Gambsheim in Alsace, a small town on the banks of the Rhine.
  • Star walks, alternating with the Black Forest in Germany and the North of Alsace.
  • Every day, 2 routes offered, one easy and the other a little more challenging.
  • Every day, possibility of visiting a place, heritage, museum… wherever possible.
  • Accessible by solar or electric bikes.
  • Spirit: each participant manages their choice of route, their own pace… Whoever wants to ride hard rides hard, whoever wants to keep it cool makes it cool.


Second week of July, with arrival on site on Sunday July 7 and a first route on Monday 8.
Hikes over 5 days, from Monday to Saturday.

Accommodation and catering

– municipal campsite, with a lake for swimming when returning from a walk,
– numerous lodges in the area, but few hotels.

Catering: Village associations offer small dishes every evening, and also at lunchtime, throughout the summer.