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This site was born from the free and spontaneous will of enthusiasts and adventurers cyclists, united by their interest in mobility powered by solar energy. By presenting their own machine, each of us has participated in the creation of this technical website, voluntarily free and open access.
Our desire is to popularize this innovative field in order to promote the emergence of vocations and contribute to the extension of our community. The project for this collection was born at the end of the Sun Trip Alps 2022 . Nevertheless, the process from which it results is totally free and independent of any organization, any manufacturer, any distributor. For the widest possible access, we distribute the content on a website in a bilingual French / English version. The domain names are https://velo-solaire.com and https://solar-ebike.com

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Costs for hosting and associated services are supported by Amobisol association. AMobiSol’s purpose is to promote soft active mobility and particularly mobility powered by solar energy. In return for a modest subscription, AMobiSol ensures, among its range of actions in favor of energy sobriety, the long-term existence of this website.