Author name: Stef Xuo

Luc's solar scooter

Introduction Passionate about light mobility and solar energy, I brought these two interests together by building a solar bike with photovoltaic panels. For this first realization, I wanted a system as simple and as cheap as possible. Indeed, I was not sure I would succeed although a few simple calculations showed that it could only

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Connecting solar panels

Principles The electrical energy by a photovoltaic panel varies according to the sunshine. However, charging a battery requires an electrical voltage adapted to this battery. It is therefore not possible to directly connect a solar panel to a battery. The panel is connected via a solar charge controller whose role is to adapt and limit

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Knowledge about solar panels

Understand everything about photovoltaic panels: power specification, efficiency of the panel according to the assembly, inclination with respect to solar radiation, impact of temperature on production, role of diodes on a series of cells, impact of shadows on electricity production, consequences of shocks on a panel…Conference by Christophe DUGUÉ (Photowatt) during a preparation meeting for

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Components of a solar bike

It involves combining a bicycle, an electric assistance system and solar equipment. We will describe below the necessary elements and consider the different possibilities available. The bike It is possible to use either to use a commercial electrically assisted bicycle, or to use a conventional bicycle to which an electrification kit is added. A commercial

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