Samuel's Trike

Choice of trike We wanted a carrier that was comfortable, reliable, stable. Indeed, riding long hours daily requires a significant physical commitment to the cyclist and subjects the bike to a lot of mechanical stress, especially with the addition of a solar structure. We therefore wanted to focus on robustness and comfort. The trike was …

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Gilles’ solar trike

Detailed technical presentation Specifications It was relatively simple: solidity, comfort, power and autonomy, to consider long-distance travel. All this with particular care to deal with the four weak points often encountered by suntripers from the start: 1. engine overheating,2. deficient electrical connectivity in case of excessive rain,3. structural breakage (frame, luggage rack, solar roof support),4. …

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Paul’s solar trike

Before we get to the trike… When I learned of the plan to organize the first Sun Trip to Astana in Kazakhstan in 2013, finding the adventure interesting, I rushed to register. Unfortunately, the registrations being closed, it is with great frustration that I followed the adventure on the Internet. I took the opportunity to …

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